Your Personal Data
KEBMusicTuition, and specifically I, Kimberley Bartrum will be what is known as the “Controller” of the personal data you provide us. My address is 982 Pershore Road, Birmingham, B29 7PX, and I can be contacted by email at

What I need
Unless otherwise agreed with you, I will generally need to collect basic personal data about you and/or your child. This information includes your name, home address, email address, telephone number(s) and date of birth. I keep any pertinent health information (as volunteered by yourself) on record in case of emergency. Information about your music education (attendance, examination results and general progress reports) is also collected. Photographs and/or video footage may occasionally be taken during lessons or performances, with explicit individual  permission from all parties involved.

Age of Consent
The age of consent for data protection purposes is 16 years. Students under the age of 16 have their data provided and consent given for its use by KEBMusicTuition by their parent or guardian. At the age of 16, students will be required to consent on their own behalf.

Why I need to know it
I need to know basic personal data in order to provide you with the services you have engaged me to provide, and to assert my right to be recompensed in return for these services as per the agreement I have with you. I will not collect any personal data from you that I do not need in order to provide and oversee the services I have agreed to provide you with.

What I do with it
All the personal data I hold about you will be processed by myself (Kimberley Bartrum), at the above address. Contact information may be shared with other adult members of my household for administrative purposes. Information is also shared with the following third-party organisations or individuals:

  • Zoho Accounting Software
  • MailChimp Direct Email Software
  • Examination Board(s)
  • Relevant Visiting Teachers

No other third parties will have access to your personal data unless there is a legal obligation for me to provide it. I will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is processed securely.

NB:- In conducting transactions with KEBMusicTuition, you may deal directly with some third-party organisations, eg YouCanBookMe (online booking), GoCardless (Direct Debits), PayPal or Stripe (online payments). Please note that I will not necessarily have access to all the information you give these organisations, and that responsibility for the data you provide them with lies with them, and not with me.

How long I keep it
I will generally keep your personal data for a minimum of six years, after which time it will be destroyed if it is no longer required for the lawful purpose(s) for which it was obtained. If you consent to marketing, any information I use for this purpose will be kept until such time as you notify me that you no longer wish to receive this information. Legacy data, such as photocopies of old examination certificates and reports, may be kept indefinitely unless consent is specifically withdrawn. Consent for storage and processing of data (other than that which is legally required for business records) can reasonably be withdrawn by the individual by contacting KEBMusicTuition at any time.

Please see the flowchart below describing the types of data I currently use, and in what ways it might be shared.