Teaching hours:

MondayKim(Piano, Flute, Theory)12:00-19:00
TuesdayKim(Piano, Flute, Theory)12:00-19:00
WednesdayRóza (Piano, Beginner Flute – online only)10:00-13:00
ThursdayKim(Piano, Flute, Theory)12:00-19:00
FridayKim(Piano, Flute, Theory)12:00-19:00
Róza(Piano, Beginner Flute – online only)12:30-16:00

Rates for regular students:

Lessons usually take place at the same time each week, during school term-time, however flexible arrangements can be made. Additional lessons are available outside of school term-time by arrangement.
Family discount available on second/subsequent students.

Lesson DurationBest for…Cost per LessonMonthly Cost
20 minutesYoung beginners (under the age of 7)£11.00£38.50
30 minutesBeginners£16.50£57.75
45 minutesIntermediate£22.75£86.62
60 minutesAdvanced£33£115.50
90 minutesTheory£49.50£173.25
2 hoursTheory£60£210